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3-Tips for Self Confidence

Published by admin on May 7th, 2011 - in Tip of Day

We all know those people who are just overflowing with self-confidence. Because of that, it seems, they get the cutest guys, the best jobs, and the last pair of heels on sale. Sure, we may be a little jealous, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have their MoJo?

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone Every Day. Each day, try to accomplish something that scares or challenges you, whether it’s committing to run a marathon, volunteering to take on more leadership at work, speaking in public, or handling hamsters (they’re so little, but there’s something really terrifying…). Research shows that achieving these goals makes you proud, leading to real confidence.

Prime Your Environment. Priming means changing your environment with words, pictures, songs, or aromas that evoke self-confidence. For example, Miller advises all of her clients to change their computer passwords to reflect positive and confident times.

Share Good News with People Who Believe in You. “You want to be around people who respond in a positive, energizing way,” says Miller. “That first person you share news with can either kill your progress or make it go forward.” Don’t pay attention to ho-hum friends who aren’t enthusiastic or interested in your growth. They can be major confidence crushers.

So put these in practice today!