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Merry Christmas

Published by EDITOR on December 27th, 2012 - in Announcements, News

Happy-Holidays-300xThis year has been simply amazing for us. We have grown the Models database to over 1,500 worldwide. Not bad for starting out with 2 or 3 at a trade shows a couple years ago.

We owe all our Models a HUGE Thank You for your support and awesome dedication this year. We wouldn’t be here if not for you guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2013. Be safe!

The Promotional Models Direct Team

New Model – Zohra

Published by EDITOR on June 10th, 2011 - in New Models, Trade Shows

TGIF ! What a busy week, we have more models than we can keep up with, but thats a great problem to have. So before leaving for the day, we wanted to share a few new profiles, meet Zohra. She has an excellent resume in modeling, fashion, television, and promotions. Checkout her profile below


6 Suggestions For Hiring A Promotional Modeling Agency

Published by admin on May 16th, 2011 - in Tip of Day, Trade Shows

As advertising budgets are stretched to their maximum, these 6 SUGGESTIONS FOR HIRING A PROMOTIONAL MODELING AGENCY will help make your next live event a big success.

Suggestion #1: Don’t hire models based on price alone. The old saying “you get what you pay for” often applies in the promo model industry. The truly high quality models know they worth the investment and there are other higher paying opportunities out there to choose from. Don’t lowball your investment in this critical area, or you could end up with a model that isn’t as beautiful or enthusiastic about your goals because the pay was too low.

Suggestion #2: Use an Agency, don’t try to hire direct, or go around the Agency. Besides the obvious potential legal issues faced when trying to hire direct or “cut-out” an Agency to save money, the quality and reliability goes down as well. When a model knows his or her future income generating opportunities are on the line at your event, they tend to work harder. While your company may have 3 or 4 shows (at most) each year, the Agency can keep a model busy with jobs year round so they are more likely to do their best as the Agency is monitoring performance. The Agency also provides many “unseen” benefits like matching your Model with the right demographic, experience, and event coordination.

Suggestion #3: Ask for a Backup Model to be available. Established Agencies sometimes offer a backup Model option as part of the service. With a few extra dollars added to the project, a backup model can be available on short notice in the unfortunate event something happens to your primary Model. Ask any company that has experienced the “booth with no booth model” problem and they will tell you it’s money well spent.

Suggestion #4: Plan ahead for your next event. Everyone procrastinates at some point in time, the dentist, tax returns, and packing bags for a trip. Waiting until the last minute to hire a promo Model is one area we strongly suggest you avoid procrastinating. Most high quality models are very busy as they are in high demand. Many Models in the industry have regular jobs in addition to Modeling, so if you want the best quality, giving the Agency advanced notice helps them pre-screen who is available for your event. Don’t wait till the last minute, you be glad you planned ahead when the show opens.

Suggestion #5: Take the time to train the Model on your product. If a trade show opens the doors at 10am on Monday morning, the last thing you want to be doing from 10am to 11am is explaining your company and products to the Model while consumers are walking by the booth. We strongly suggest a brief meeting prior to the event to educate the Model on the key selling points, other staff available at the event to answer difficult questions, and any other details like lunch breaks or last minute changes. Just a few minutes of discussion prior to the doors opening makes a huge difference in a smooth day ahead.

Suggestion #6: Pay the Agency quickly after the event. Some Model Agencies, especially smaller ones, are managing tight cash flow just like any business. They may not pay the Model until the client pays the Agency invoice, and this can make a very unhappy Model. Lets assume the Model was top quality, you really liked their performance, and would like to use him or her for a future event, paying slow might make the difference between them taking your future jobs or going with another company for the same event. Always consider you may be standing next to that Model again and having unspoken hard feelings about payment is not a great way to build a relationship with the Agency or the Model. So that’s it!

We hope these 6 suggestions help your company get maximum ROI from your Promotional Models. For more information or to hire a Promo Model today go to