Promo Models Make Sense

Models Increase Popularity

In a mobile world dominated by Social Media, “popularity” is critical to your product being noticed, or ignored. Social scientists refer to a concept called “Social Proof”, which means if people perceive that everyone likes and is using your products, others will buy it too. Simply stated, most people infer that if something is popular, it must be good.

This concept also extends to Trade Shows with thousands of people wandering the floor looking for interesting and engaging products.  The key is catching consumers attention the first few milliseconds they notice your booth. Once your Brand Ambassador draws the consumer in, your fully trained expert staff can engage the consumer with product information to close the deal.

The bigger the event, the more a crowd-gathering booth Model is going to help. As others see a large crowd, they naturally gravitate to your booth because they perceive the brand as very popular.

There is no magic bullet, the key to successful marketing is catching attention quickly, and capitalizing on it.  Training your Promotional Models about your products, customer buying patterns, and why the product helps them is equally important to being physically appealing.

Expert online marketers know the importance of A/B Split Testing to determine which of two scenarios results in higher sales. Lets apply this concept to (2) equal product booths at a trade show, one with beautiful trained Models, and one with a couple sales engineers. At the end of the day, which booth do you think would draw a larger crowd and have more sales?

The following questions might help you decide if Promo Models are right for your next event. These questions have been widely study in the fields of psychology and sociobiology.

1)   Do most human beings generally equate beauty with success and popularity?

2)   Is satisfaction with social interaction improved by physical attractiveness?

3)   Does beauty affect consumers buying decisions?

If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. If you have a clogged sink, you call a plumber. If you want to get customer’s attention at a live event, hire an expert Promotional Model – it simply makes sense.