Are you up for a challenge?

We are back from a long Labor Day weekend and wanted to share with you a new “Challenge several of our Models have joined that may also benefit some of our readers.

Hulk Hogan is doing it, Jessica Biel is doing it, and over 67,000 other people just like you joined the challenge in August 2011. It’s being called “the fastest growing health transformation in North America” today. To quote Hulk Hogan ” it’s the real deal”.

As many of you know, staying fit is a critical part of being successful in the promotional industry. Eating healthy, especially when traveling between jobs, can be difficult. We have great news; a convenient, yummy, high quality solution has arrived.

The founders at Visalus Sciences have created a patented meal replacement product that has (4) simple kits to choose from. Instead of going to your local health store, overpaying for products individually, now you can just sign up, choose the kit that matches your personal health goals, and Visalus will auto-ship to your front door each month.

No more trips to find protein, no more chalky tasting drinks, and no more searching the shelves for well-balanced vitamins. Its finally packaged in one place.

As if getting in better shape isn’t incentive enough, Visalus is giving away over $10,000,000 is prizes this year to the challengers that transform the most.

For those of you wondering how you can get in better shape AND make some additional money promoting the challenge, they even created an option for that as well. As an additional incentive, Visalus created a BMW club for qualified promoters, and they have given away 2,500 so far.

Bottom line, it’s a great product, the company is donating meals to hungry kids in need, and real success stories are flooding the Internet. Check for yourself.

If you want to take the challenge, or just learn more about the Visalus kits, checkout this Facebook page and videos.

Hope it helps and you’re as impressed as we are.

Thanks and have a great week!


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  1. EDITOR says:

    I’m on the Challenge now and it’s awesome, lost 12 pounds so far!

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