5 Ways to Increase Booth Traffic

Booth Traffic TipsThe biggest reason most trade show booths fail to get significant traffic is “assuming” the show organizers have done the marketing to attract the right type of visitors. In reality, this is a big mistake to assume they know your target audience or that pre-event marketing was done properly. Don’t just show up and leave it to chance.

In this article we suggest 5 ways to supercharge your booth traffic.

1. Data capture – Use mobile devices available for capturing prospect data, including badge and card scanners, laptops, and tablets.

2. Open Space – Make sure your booth design is open and inviting. Don’t put large fancy displays in the way, you want to entice visitors to walk in and say hello. Any obstacles preventing eye contact or face-to -face discussions should be avoided.

3. Signs and Words – Make sure your signs are visible from far away. Use fonts and words that are easy to read and understand and are consistent with other offers to your target audience. It should be inviting and beneficial. If they walk by your booth and have to “figure out” what your product is, you failed.

4. Give gifts – The latest trend is to give away gifts. Make sure your giveaway items are fresh and the latest in technology. Try giving away USB memory sticks product information preloaded on them, or give away an iPad at the end of the day to a “lucky” winner.

5. Trained staff – Select an agency and hire Promotional Models to increase your image at the shows. Booth staffers should be matched to your audience and be trained in how to engage your target customer. Train them on “key benefits”, or hot words that will excite your target buyer. Also cover small details like mobile phone usage, break times, when to stop talking with visitors who are wasting valuable time. Also make sure the booth outfits match the company image, fit properly, and don’t show too much. Promotional Models will perform better if they are proud of the apparel they are wearing.

The most important way to ensure success at your booth is to be “different”. Engage your visitors, give away T-Shirts, have great brochures and signage, and reserve some time during the day for your Promotional Models to walk the trade show floor and invite attendees to visit your booth.

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